• Only registered members of the PEI Photography Club are eligible for entry.
  • Entrants can enter two images per category for a maximum total of eight.
  • Entrants must provide both digital and printed images for review.
  • Digital files must be in jpg format. About 1000px on the longest side.
  • Please name the files Category-YourName-PrintTitle.jpg
  • Any photograph previously entered in any annual photo club show will not be eligible and photographs can be entered in only one category.
  • Print size minimum is 80 square inches (8×10 in) and maximum is 154 square inches (11x 14 in).
  • Prints must have a one-inch white border.
  • Digital modifications will be allowed in all categories; however the following guidelines apply:
  • All processing steps (including but not limited to: global and selective adjustments for colour, sharpening, saturation, exposure, levels, curves, and cropping) are permitted.
    Cloning and retouching are permitted, however, changes should not add or remove key elements of composition or alter the description of the photograph.
    Processing the same file for highlights and shadows using layer masks is permitted.
    The addition of graphics, clip art, text, computer-rendered objects, or parts of other photographs is not permitted.
  • All digital processing must be done by the entrant.
  • Each print must include the following on the back of the submission:
    Entrant’s name, Entrant’s phone number, Category entered, Title of the entry and direction to be hung (if not obvious)
  • A summary sheet (containing the information listed above) must accompany the submitted photographs. Download Submission Sheet (PDF)
  • The entry fee is $10.00 per person regardless of the numbers of prints submitted (due at the time of submission).