Breaking the (Photographic) Rules

While there are no set “rules” of photography, there are quite a few compositional and technical guidelines that are often referred to as rules. We want you to take one of the following five rules and intentionally break it.

1. The Rule of Thirds
2. Give your subject “somewhere to go”
3. Do not shoot directly into the light
4. Keep your main subject in focus
5. Keep your horizons straight

Colour: Black, white, and red

This is a very powerful colour combination. Combine these three colours to create a powerful image of your own. All three colours must be present in your final image.

Human Emotion

A person or people expressing emotion.


There are many definitions of macro photography,and some can be quite complex. But for the purposes of the photo show this year, we will use the very basic definition of “photography that produces images of small items larger than life size.”

Photo Journalism

For this category, we want you to tell a story using three images. You have a total of 110 square inches for all three images. Your three images need to be mounted on one piece of foam core, that is no more than 180 square inches.

For reference, 3 5×7 images is equal to 105 square inches. If you mounted them on foam core with a once inch border around the images, and one inch in between each image, your foam core would be 171 square inches.


Defined as “Machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge” – Show us your take on technology.


    One of our reoccurring themes each year. Nature has so much beauty to offer us. Find something in nature that moves you and capture it for all to see.

Photographer’s Choice

    If you have a photo that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories and you are excited about sharing it, this is the category for it. Some of the judges have commented in previous years that images in this category would have been better suited if they were in one of the other categories, so please choose carefully when selecting images for this category.

…and to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we are adding an extra category —

Oh Canada!

In celebration 150 years of Confederation, show us something that is iconically Canadian!

2017 Print Show Rules